Archetypal Psychology

Guidance & Integration

Archetypes are powerful models for personal transformations and working with inner feminininty / masculinity. Let's explore them together through art and body, movement and self-reflexion, Tarot and methaforical cards. Let's discover and intergrate their Power and resources, especially if it is your Shadow, ready to be exposed...

Art & Dance sessions

Exercises in small groups

I believe that dance is a means between the soul and the body, such as art therapy and other arts. That is, through dance and art therapy, I learned to heal myself and develop my personality. And I'll teach you too. Only OFFLINE/ LIVE!
In art and dance sessions we learn how to discover, handle and inscrease our own Power - both physical and psychological.

Tribal Dance Teaching

Courses & Workshops

4 years ago I got acquainted with the very special style of dancing and living. It encourages both collaboration and individuality, respect to traditions and freedom for self-expression. It is called Tribal Style Dance and it is danced worldwide.
Since 2017 I am proudly teaching European women Tribal Style Dancing in Nitra, Slovakia. Join our group!

The Hero's Journey

Personal Development

It starts one day from a Call you cannot resist. Inner or outer challenge for better job / living conditions / family relations or simply undefined wish to change your life. Its Path is not strict and narrow, but full of adventures. And the reward is waiting for you at the end. Develop your personal Myth & Power with my delicate help and guidance.

Let’s get introduced! Who am I?

My name is Svetlana Groiss. I was born in Russia and lived there for 25 beautiful years, worked as Marketing Specialist and CEO, Business Referent and Event organizer… until the Path calls me. It was a Call for a Hero (in Jungian Psychology terms), one can’t simply resist it. In search for a new home I’ve been living in Middle East and now living with my family in Slovakia, Europe (eventually). In search for a Self, I’ve started academic studies in Psychology and earned Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling. At the moment my education and private practice continues in Nitra, Slovakia as well as online counseling for individuals.

I am glad to help you to:
  1. Feel the contact with the Inner Power and secure support (stability) to resolve the external situations or conflicts (both inside and outside);
  2. Understand yourself and your needs “here and now”, return the taste of life and its fullness;
  3. Work out negative feelings and emotions (difficult to admit and deal with) and transform them into your Power – working with a personal Shadow and other archetypes;
  4. Bring clarity and harmony in the relationship with the Partner, starting with the relationship with yourself;
  5. Explore your archetypal femininity / masculinity models and intergate them into real life…
Methods and tools I prefer:

Art-therapy, dance and body-oriented exercises, Jungian psychology (archetypes: Anima, Animus, Shadow, Hero, etc.), initiation therapy, Process Work, Tarot and shamanic rituals, intergrative approach.

Areas of professional interest and work

Femininity & Masculinity
Personal Power & Self-realization
Shadow work
Body-oriented therapy
Alchemy of Transformations
Dance Therapy

Svetlana Groiss

Svetlana Groiss, psychologist, art therapy, dance therapy, tribal dance

Counselor, Art and Dance Therapist,
Jungian Psychologist

My professional background & experience


Counseling Psychology, Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis (2018, Moscow, Russia)
First education - Corporate Management, Ural Federal University (2007, Ekaterinburg, Russia)

Core qualifications:

  • Psychology of Personality,
  • Gender Psychology and Sexology,
  • Art therapy and Dance therapy.

    Certificates (accopmplished trainings from 2014):

  • Archetypal and depth psychology (143 hours),
  • Art therapy (184 hours),
  • Integrated couple and family therapy (170 hours),
  • Intimate relationships and sexology (180 hours),
  • Body therapy and psychosomatics (112 hours ).

    Reports and publications:

  • January 2019 - International Jungian conference "Logos, Eros and Tanatos". Report and presentation of research results "Archetypal choices of middle-age women and its connection with self-realization issues"
  • May 2018 - International scientific conference "Freud's Talks". Publication: "The concept of self-actualization by Maslow: from higher needs to everyday choices"

    Workshops and seminars held and organized (2015-...):

  • Online 2-week course "Exploring archetypes of femininity" (Russia, 2019)
  • ART & RELAX Workshop (Nitra, Slovakia, 2018)
  • Online marathon «9 nights of Navaratri» (2018),
  • Online 8-week course «Women's Power» (2018),
  • Therapeutic group and workshops «Soul Vitamins in Art Therapy» (2017),
  • Therapeutic group «Meeting with internal strength» (2016),
  • Workshop «My Personal Story» (2016)
  • Art-laboratory «Path to yourself» (2015)
  • Online and offline seminars "Code of Femininity" (2015)

    And I am continuing to develop new events for you to open up and explore your needs and personalities…


    Courses accomplished (2014 -…):

  • Training for Dance Teachers /Olga Meos, Ekaterinburg, RU/
  • ATS® Lev. 1-2 and Tribal Fusion /Tribal Beat Dance Company, Ekaterinburg, RU/
  • ATS® Lev. 3 /Vika Panicheva, Tribal Expert. online/
  • Tribal Fusion PRO /Kira Lebedeva online/
  • ATS with the Sword /Tina Advena, Tribal Expert. online/
  • Choreography in Tribal Fusion /Zarina Toleutova, Tribal Expert. online/
  • Dance in Flow. Art of Improvization /Anna Lesnaya, Tribal Expert. online/

    Workshops and intensives (1-2 dni):

  • Dance, Movement and the Theater /Jakub NativeMind Cerulik, Nitra, SK/
  • Choreography & Storytelling /Vesna Zorman, Slovinsko/
  • ATS® New Colours /Maria Fomina, UKR/
  • Once upon a time /Sway E’fey, GER/
  • ATS® Lev.1/Ekaterina Demina, Moscow, FCBD Sisters Studio/
  • Indian Fusion Intensive /Jozefine Wandel, GER/
  • Hands & Space-technique /Milana, RU/
  • Temple Dance /Nefru Merit, RU/
  • Apsara Dance /Kira Lebedeva, UKR/
  • So you think, you can dance? /Olga Meos, KZ/
  • Turns & Spins /Elena Arslanova, RU/

    International Staging Dance projects (2017-…):

  • Dark Fusion /Ethel, Tribal Talisman Fest, HU/
  • Temple of Faceless God /Lelyana Stanishevskaya, Tribal Beat Fest, RU/
  • Ancient Egypt /Olga Meos, Tribal Beat Fest, KZ/

    My live performances (2017-…)
    with creative elements and archetypal stories you can see at:
    International Tribal Beat Fest (Russia), Caravanseray Vienna (Austria), Tribal Talisman (Hungary), Hafla (Slovakia), Danse Macabre Show (Czech Republic), Slavcon (SK), Nitransky rinek (SK), etc.

    Other roles:

  • Producer and moderator at Tribal Beat Fest AFTERPARTY (2017-…),
  • Tribal Trident Dance Instructor (2017-…),
  • Organizer and trainer of Archetypal Dance workshops (2019, Nitra, SK)
  • Room for Creativity

    is always here and now

    I am a psychologist and I like to help people to live in harmony with oneself and society (the world). I learned to accept myself and develop my talent for the benefit of others. I integrate different cultures and best practices, creating a unique approach to work.

    I believe that dance is a means between the soul and the body, such as art therapy and other kind of arts an crafts. That is why I learned to heal myself and develop my personality through constant process of art and dance exercising.

    Be brave to dive deeper in yourself and discover your Power and Creativity - ability to create. Or let's do it together... Here and now.

    Psychological counseling

    One meeting or series

    Extends your picture of the world. It helps to understand the degree of influence on the situation. Returns responsibility and Personal Power.

    Short term therapy

    For a particular request - up to 1-2 months

    Helps to solve a problem or to adapt to it. Stimulates changing from inside out. Learns collaboration and partnership skills.

    Individual support

    for the period from 2-3 months to 1 year

    Serves the study of your personal depth. Transforms Ego and the reality around. Deals with "chronic" personal and interpersonal issues and prepares base for the desired changes.

    Choose your preferable option for short/long-term collaboration and let’s start working on a better version of yourself and your life… 

    (Contacts are below)

    Online Counseling & Transformation

    “As long as he denies his own agency, real change is unlikely because his attention will be directed toward changing his environment rather than himself.” 
    ― Irvin D. Yalom, The Gift of Therapy

    Working Principles

    Ethics of collaboration

    How deeply we go into the topic (your request) depends only on your desire and readiness to dive. Violence and manipulation is excluded. Your iniciative is encouraged. And most importantly - I will take care about your security, respect your unique experience and personality and focus on your true needs and desires.

    Whom I can help?

    Portrait of my clientele

    I work with adult women and men, 21+. The main criterion of "my client" is psychological maturity, i.e. the ability to manage your life and recognize own responsibility for your actions, intentions and desires and the consequences of its realization.

    Pricing and terms

    Every online session lasts for 75 minutes on a platform with video stream (Skype / Whatsapp / Viber). Price is 40 EUR. Payment can be delivered via PayPal or IBAN.

    “The spirit of a man is constructed out of his choices.”

    ― Irvin D. Yalom, When Nietzsche Wept

    Choose RIGHT options, ways to go, people to deal with, partners to live with, goals to serve and activities to invest your time and forces.
    And the rightest investment in your life will always stay your Great and Unique Personality.

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